Basic Troubleshooting for the iPad

    • For issues where the iPad does not appear to connect to the Internet:

      Are there other online apps that cannot load or will not run/error?

      • If not, it may be the app itself.
      • Double press the home button to bring up the quick launch screen and swipe the app up to fully close the app.
      • If so, check to see if the iPad can reach the internet using the web browser Safari

      Can you reach the web through Safari?

      • If so, again it may be the app or the service that provides the app it down / unavailable.
      • If not, the iPad may not be on the wireless network.
      • Tap Settings > Wifi > Then the name of your network there should be an IP address in the boxes there like 10.x.x.x or 176.x.x.x or 192.x.x.x If there are wifi bars, but no numbers in those fields, the iPad is connecting to the wireless router in your house, but it is not connecting to the internet overall.

      If the iPad is not connecting to a home network here are a few things to try:

      • Try turning on “Airplane” mode waiting 30 seconds and then turning it off again
      • Try re-booting the iPad by holding the power button for 7 seconds to get “Slide to turn off” and turn off.
        • Wait 30 seconds and power back on.
      • Try “forgetting” your home network
        • Settings – Wifi then tap on the little blue (i) next to your home network’s name. Then tap “forget network”
      • Tap on your home network again and then put in the wireless password to re-connect
      • If all else fails, you can “Reset” the network settings on the device itself. This is kind of the nuclear option of network repairs as it will delete all wireless networks that the devices have been on and all networking settings will be reset to factory defaults.
        • Tap Settings – General, scroll to the bottom and tap “Reset”
        • Tap “Reset Network Settings”
        • You will need to re-sign to all networks again by putting in the correct password for the wireless networks as you connect to them.