Welcome to the Conant High School Class of 2025!

  • Conant Class of 2025 Every year we welcome our incoming class with an event focused on providing a smooth transition to high school. This year’s program consists of a presentation covering the high school transition process, freshman placement and the guidance program, as well as opportunities to explore curriculum, activities and athletics. Our virtual event is comprised of the three video series below.

Welcome, Freshman Placement, & Guidance Program

Virtual Elective Fair

  • Freshmen students have the opportunity to participate in one, two or sometimes three elective courses in addition to their cores. Elective courses provide opportunities for students to explore areas of interest and potential areas of post-secondary study or employment.  This year’s virtual elective fair is formatted as a YouTube Playlist. You can watch the entire playlist of elective videos or jump to specific courses of interest. Elective courses are selected using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The deadline to submit your choices is Wednesday, December 16.

    Click here to view Elective Courses Playlist.

Virtual Activities & Athletics Fair

  • A strong predictor of student success is their level of engagement in school and in extracurricular activities. We encourage all students to make the most of their high school years by participating in activities and/or athletics. This year’s virtual activities and athletics fair is formatted as a YouTube Playlist. You can watch the entire playlist or jump to specific videos of interest. 

    Click her to view Activities & Athletics Playlist.