Final Exams Bell Schedule

  • Final exams are given at the end of each semester. Since the exams typically require more time than a 50-minute class period allows, periods during finals are lengthened to 90 minutes and split over three days. Students are required to attend periods for which they have final exams, but they do not need to attend school during free periods.

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Finals Schedule - Day 1

Finals Schedule - Day 2

Finals Schedule - Day 3

Final Exams Bus Departure Schedule

Bus Schedule Information

  • Bus Schedule: The following bus schedule will be in effect for the exam days only:

    • Buses will pick up students at the usual time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
    • There will NOT be late activity or athletic buses on exam days. Students who want to leave before the scheduled bus departures must provide their own transportation.
    • Lunches will NOT be served to students on exam days. The breakfast line will be open.
    • Students have to be in attendance only at scheduled exam periods. Students may travel through hallways with a pass only if necessary but may not congregate or make noise.
    • Students in the building and not taking tests may be in one of the following places:
    • Cafeteria & Commons, Main Gym

    Quiet Group and Individual Study Only

    • Tutoring Rooms
    • Study Hall room #224
    • Media Center
    • STAR Lab room #5

    Students requesting final exam schedule changes must receive permission from their appropriate administrator the week prior to finals.