Mascot & Colors

  • Team Name: Vikings

    Team Mascot: Victor Viking

    Team Colors: Green and Gold

Victor Viking

Viking Fight Song

  • Viking Fight Song

    by Length:

    Our Viking Teams are victory bound so mighty, brave and bold!

    And Loyalty gives us the right to raise our Green and Gold.

    To Vikings in the battle now we raise our victory cry —

    Go/Fight/Win/You Viking Teams of mighty William Fremd High.

    Now forge ahead, another goal our mighty team will score;

    And true to you we’ll always be, whatever is in store.

    Strike swiftly now and gain control, our Vikings will defeat!

    And prove to all with FIGHT–FIGHT–FIGHT! Fremd Vikings can’t be beat!

    Go, Go, Go–Go–Go! Fight, Fight, Fight–Fight–Fight!

    Win, Win, Win–Win–Win! Go–Fight!! Win!!! Hey!!!!

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