Township District 211 Concussion Protocol

  • A student’s best chance of full recovery from a concussion involves two critical components: cognitive and physical rest. Continued research has shown cognitive rest to be essential in the quick resolution of concussion symptoms. Cognitive stimulation includes: driving, playing video games, computer use, text messaging, cell phone use, loud and/or bright environments, watching television, reading, and studying. These stimuli must be limited, and in most cases, completely avoided for a period of time during recovery. Physical activity such as physical education, athletics, and strength or cardiovascular conditioning must be completely avoided or regulated while recovering from a concussion.

    Please note that timelines in the Concussion Care protocols are general guidelines. All individuals will respond differently to a head injury and the timelines will be adjusted accordingly by the health care personnel.

    It is recommended that this protocol is shared with the student’s primary care physician (licensed to practice medicine in all its branches, i.e. pediatrician) during the initial visit.