Mascot & Colors

  • Team Name: Pirates

    Team Mascot: Pirate Pete

    Team Colors: Scarlet & Gray

"Pirate Pete"

  • Palatine High School mascot Pirate Pete

Palatine Loyalty Song

  • Palatine Loyalty Song

    by Palatine High School Band Length: 00:52

    We’re loyal to you, Palatine
    We’re scarlet and grey, Palatine.
    We’ll back you to stand
    ‘Gainst the best in the land
    For we know you have sand, Palatine, Rah, Rah.

    So smash out that ball, Palatine
    We’re backing you all, Palatine
    Our team is the famed protector
    Onward for we expect a victory from you, Palatine.

    GOOOOOOO — Pirates!

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