Alternative Learning Academy


    Alternative Learning Academy (ALA) is a general education therapeutic day school designed to create a smaller setting for students which places an emphasis on differentiated learning, socio-emotional support, and post-secondary preparation. The curriculum mirrors that which is established and practiced within all District 211 schools. Staff will utilize a variety of behavioral and academic intervention strategies in order to create positive pathways for students moving forward.

    In order to ensure student success towards graduation or re-integration to their home school, staff will work with students on problem-solving techniques, effective and healthy decision making, self-regulation strategies, and improved interpersonal skills. In working on these skills ALA staff hope for students to have improved time-on-task and focus in the classroom, an ability to process and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, as well as overall positive interactions with peers and staff.


    Each semester students will maintain 5 academic class periods to earn their core and elective credits, as well one period for lunch/advisory, and one period for P.E./Wellness. Students will have the opportunity to participate in regular individual or group therapeutic services. Additionally, there may be opportunities for students to recover credit while attending ALA.

    The ultimate goal of the program is to prepare students for reintegration into their home schools and/or successful outcomes in their post-secondary education or employment. ALA staff, home school administrators, and the Director of Administrative Services will meet each semester to discuss progress overall and potential reintegration for students that are excelling in the following 4 goal areas:

    1. Academics
    2. Attendance
    3. Behavior
    4. Community

    Students who are meeting all of their goals, and who are eligible to return, may have the option to return full-time to their home school, remain at ALA full time, or have a partial schedule in which they access both settings for part of the day. This process is a collaborative one between school administration, parents/guardians, and the student. Every situation is unique and final decisions will be made to best support the students moving forward.