Welcome to Alternative Learning Academy

  • Students participating in the Alternative Learning Academy (ALA) experience smaller class sizes and structured settings that emphasize differentiated learning, regular counseling and socio-emotional support, and post-secondary preparation.  The curriculum mirrors that which is established and practiced within all District 211 schools.  Staff utilizes a variety of behavioral and academic intervention strategies and services including positive behavior interventions, social skill development, specialized and individualized learning strategies, vocational and post-secondary planning, and service learning. 

    In order to ensure student success through graduation or re-integration to their homeschools, staff work with students to assist them to develop self-management skills, problem-solving techniques, de-escalation techniques, effective and healthy decision making, self-regulation techniques, and improve interpersonal skills.  The emphasis is on helping students develop these skills in order to improve their time-on-task, work completion rate, focus on instruction, and interaction with peers and staff.

    This program’s physical environment is one that is smaller in scale and with the significantly decreased student to teacher ratios.  Students experience much greater individualized attention and instruction as well as increased opportunities to develop interpersonal and cooperative skills.  Students maintain 5 class-period academic school days and receive regular individual or group counseling and supportive services.  Students are afforded the opportunity to accelerate or recover credit. 

    The goal of the program is (1) to get students prepared for successful re-integration into their home school or (2) to fulfill District 211 graduation requirements through the ALA program.

Alternative Learning Academy Handbook

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