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Professional Development Days

Professional Development Days

Knowing the challenges associated with a complete and immediate changeover to online learning, the Illinois State Board of Education authorized five days of professional development to help each district support its faculty. In District 211, hopeful that our remote learning might extend only through April, we drew upon the existing skills and experience of our teachers in our one-to-one environment, and we scheduled a reliable daily presence of our teachers to be available for our students throughout each day in April.

Knowing that remote learning will continue for the remainder of the school year, and to optimize what we can accomplish in the remaining weeks, our students and our faculty will benefit from some time dedicated to support our teachers and student services personnel. We will utilize the available professional development days to help our faculty draw upon their experiences up to this point, share their most effective methods with each other and connect with students who may need additional support.

The five days listed below will be used for professional development to support our faculty. Students will not register their school attendance in Infinite Campus on these days and may use the time to complete coursework that has already been assigned.

Designated Professional Development Days to Support Remote Learning: - Monday, April 27 - Monday, May 4 - Monday, May 11 - Monday May 18 - Friday, May 22