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Food Drive to Support Cougars in Need and Local Food Pantries

Student Council will be conducting a food drive November 12 - November 20. The entire Conant community is encouraged to participate in the drive. Donations can be delivered to the main office.

This year's food drive is focusing on supporting Cougars in Need by stocking the "Cougar Cupboard". Our students access the cupboard weekly to provide food over the weekend. This support keeps our students and their families fed during tough times. Extra food will be divided between the Elk Grove Village and Schaumburg food pantries.

The highest demand foods include:


Slim Jims

Microwave Popcorn


Healthy Chips

Trail Mix

Granola Bars

Nutella to Go


Fruit Snacks

Krispy Treats


Fruit Cups

Juice Boxes


Mac and Cheese Cups

Pasta and Sauce

Breakfast Cereal 

Breakfast Bars










Frozen Foods

(please alert staff at drop off)

Hot Pockets


Individually wrapped mini pizzas