Conant H.S. Mailings




May/June Principal’s Newslettermailed 5-31-2017
May/June Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español)mailed 5-31-2017

April/May Principal’s Newslettermailed 4-28-2017
April/May Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español)mailed 4-28-2017
Immunization Requirement for Class of 2018 (en Español) – emailed 4-3-2017

State SAT Exam Daymailed 3-17-2017
March/April Principal’s Newsletter – mailed 3-15-2017
March/April Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español) – mailed 3-15-2017

Important Message About Pertussis (Whooping Cough) at Conant HS (en Español)mailed 2-15-2017
February/March Principal’s Newslettermailed 2-10-2017
February/March Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español)mailed 2-10-2017

January/February Principal’s Newslettermailed 1-10-2017
January/February Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español)mailed 1-10-2017

November/December Principal’s Newslettermailed 11-18-2016
November/December Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español)mailed 11-18-2016

October/November Principal’s Newslettermailed 10-19-2016
October/November Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español) – mailed 10-19-2016

September/October Principal’s Newslettermailed 9-16-2016
September/October Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español)mailed 9-16-2016

Parent Open House Lettermailed 8-23-2016
iPad Letter to Parents of 11th & 12th Graders (en Español)mailed 8-11-2016
iPad Letter to Parents of 10th Graders (en Español)mailed 8-11-2016
iPad Letter to Parents of 9th Graders (en Español)mailed 8-11-2016
iPad Letter to 11th & 12th Gradersmailed 8-11-2016
iPad Letter to 10th Gradersmailed 8-11-2016
iPad Letter to 9th Gradersmailed 8-11-2016

July/August Principal’s Newslettermailed 7-19-2016
July/August Superintendent’s Newsletter (en Español)mailed 7-19-2016

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