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The curriculum development process in High School District 211 has had a long history of teacher/administration involvement. The Board of Education and administration have encouraged grass roots development of courses and programs shaped within the framework of educational goals and graduation requirements as set by the Board. This is based on the strategy that teachers and principals provide the primary impetus of curriculum development within the District. This approach has been helpful in keeping the District’s curriculum dynamic in its scope and sequence.

In striving to meet future needs of students, curriculum change is inevitable. Changes that occur at any given time, also may impact the curriculum of more than one department. Due to these complexities, it is increasingly necessary for staff to participate fully in the thoughtful introspection that today’s curriculum development process demands.

Curriculum Committee meetings, consisting of chairs for each department, principals, and the associate superintendent for instruction, meet three times each year, with all curriculum proposals made to the Board of Education through the Superintendent. Curriculum Committee reports from each meeting are prepared for the Board, and are available below.


Curriculum Committee Reports


Current Report: Winter 2016-2017



Textbook Information

Approved Textbooks

Current Approved Textbooks  Updated: 2016

Approved Supplemental Textbooks  Updated: 2016



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