• Students, Parents and Guardians:

    If you have not already done so, please enter your required community service hours to remain eligible for the Harper Promise Scholarship Program. Community service hours must be reported using the District 211 Student Readiness Plan. Go to the Involvement section and enter the details associated with each community service event in which you participated. 

    Harper Promise participants must complete the community service hours as shown below.

    9 th grade: 5 hours (2nd semester only)

    10 th grade: 10 hours

    11 th grade: 15 hours

    12 th grade: 20 hours

    Click here for additional information regarding Harper Promise Scholarship Program.

    To view your current number of hours, log into Infinite Campus. Go to the left menu and select “More,” then select “D211 Harper Promise.” 

    Please contact your counselor if you have questions about your status in the Promise program.  

    Student Services Department