Afternoon Academic Support

  • Township High School District 211 Afternoon Academic Support

    The purpose of the afternoon academic support time is to offer students the ability to access unique learning opportunities that our current ISBE restrictions may limit or prevent during their morning class time. Each District 211 academic department has developed learning experiences that support their curriculum. These experiences are offered through a sign-up system to ensure that social distancing and safety guidelines can be followed. Some afternoon options are more general in nature, including math tutoring labs, reading and writing support, or quiet study areas, while others are specific to courses that students are enrolled in. These specific offerings, which include the ability to complete experiments in science labs, or access to manufacturing equipment, are only available for students enrolled in the courses that include the specialized content.

    In order to access the afternoon support opportunities, students will need to sign-up using their school Schoology account.

    There are limitations on how many students can be present in each area due to social distancing, therefore students are encouraged to sign-up as early as possible for their preferred opportunity. Students can access District 211 transportation to the school building through a mid-day bus route that will run Monday through Friday. Because of staff professional learning opportunities, only quiet study areas will be offered Friday afternoons.

    While a complete list of afternoon academic support opportunities can be found using Schoology.

Daily Wellness Screening Survey - Afternoon Academics Support Options