College Representative Visits to PHS

  • College representatives visit PHS throughout the fall.  These visits will take place in a conference room in the Main Office area unless otherwise indicated in the schedule.  Click on the link to view the list

    of colleges/universities who have schedule a visit to PHS. Check back often as the list is updated regularly.  

    How do you sign up to meet with a visiting college representative?  

    • Click on the "College Visits to PHS" link below to view the names of schools visiting


    ***PLEASE READ***

    Click on the name of each school within the list to pre-register for a visit.


    College Visits to PHS - Fall 2020

    Questions to ask a college representative


    Tips for meeting with representatives:

    1. Do your research about a college/university before the meeting and come prepared  with questions.

    2. Be an active participant and show interest.  Often times these are the people who will read and evaluate your application so it's your opportunity to make a lasting impression.  

    3. These visits are for students who are truly interested in learning more about a particular college/university.