Enrollment Information

  • The first step toward becoming a Hoffman Estates High School student is enrollment, which requires parents/guardians to provide the documents listed below to the school. The documents can be submitted electronically to hehsclassof2025@d211.org. Paper copies can be submitted to the HEHS Student Services department.

    1. Student Enrollment Form - Parents were sent a pre-printed enrollment form and we encourage parents to verify the information on that form prior to returning it to the Registrar’s Office. Blank copies of the enrollment form can be downloaded from the District 211 website at https://adc.d211.org/page/6296. All enrollment forms must be signed by the student’s legal guardian.
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Proof of Residency - Residency within Hoffman Estates High School’s boundaries can be demonstrated by providing one of these original documents: a current ComEd or NICOR utility bill, a current lease naming the parent/legal guardian as a party to the lease, or a current property tax bill in the parent’s or legal guardian’s name. Enrollment should not be confused with registration. Enrollment is a one-time process occurring when a student prepares to enter Hoffman Estates High School for the first time. Registration occurs annually each summer and includes the payment of required school fees.


    Enrollment documents are due by October 23, 2020.
    Contact the Registrar’s Office at 847-755-5628 for further details.

    Enrolling in school provides confirmation that the incoming freshman student intends to attend school in the coming school and allows the school to list the student on its anticipated student roster. The enrollment process must be completed before students will be allowed to take part in incoming freshmen activities including placement testing and course selection.