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Elementary and high school students across the country, and more specifically students at Palatine and Hoffman Estates High Schools, and Academy-North in District 211, have an opportunity to benefit from special programs at their schools because of the Title 1 Grant.  But what exactly is Title 1, and how does a student qualify to be part of that grant program?  And, equally important, what is the parent role if your child does qualify for Title 1?

What is Title 1?
Title 1 is a federally-funded program designed to help students in elementary and high school who need to improve their performance in school in order to meet state standards.  The amount of funding that the school receives depends on the number of students from low-income families attending that school.  In District 211, Palatine and Hoffman Estates High Schools, and District 211 Academy-North, qualify to receive Title 1 funds.

Once a school qualifies, it develops a plan for using the funds to improve learning in specific subjects.  At all three schools, reading and mathematics were chosen as the Title 1 subjects, and all students who currently are not projected to meet state standards in those subjects are designated to receive the benefit of the grant.  These include all students in English 101, 201, 301, 141, 241, 341, and in Mathematics 111, 114, 212, 214, 312, and 314.  Students who fit this description are designated as Title 1 automatically – there are no forms for parents to complete.  Title 1 money only can be used to purchase extra services and supplies in addition to the many services already provided at all District 211 schools.

The main benefit that Title 1 students receive at Palatine and Hoffman Estates High Schools is the presence of extra adults in their English and mathematics classrooms who serve as teacher assistants.  Teaching assistants receive special training in working with high school students, and many assistants have college degrees.  The presence of an extra educator in the classroom means that your child receives additional attention, more small-group and one-to-one instruction, and quicker answers to their questions.  Title 1 also funds tutorial centers and has purchased notebook computers and software for classroom use at all three Title 1 schools.  In addition, funds also have been used for calculators, extra books and newspapers, and other school supplies.  Title 1 even has provided a social worker to help students set academic goals and to assist them with problems that can get in the way of their education, such as poor attendance.

Title 1 also can help if a child needs basic clothing to get to school, such as a winter coat or gloves, in cases where the family simply can’t afford to get these items.  Please contact your school’s Title 1 social worker for additional information on this program.

What is Your Role as a Parent of a Title 1 Student?
The number one thing that any parent can do for a high school-age child is to ask him or her about their school experience every day, and to help them to set academic goals.  Your child’s teachers, counselor, and principal, as well as the Title 1 social worker, are your partners in helping your child to do the best that they can in high school.  Please do not hesitate to call them if you have a concern or a question about your child – you don’t have to wait for a special meeting to get your questions answered.

That being said, your attendance at high school events for parents is most important, and especially at Title 1 parent meetings.  These meetings are your opportunity to learn more about the Title 1 program at your school.  Parent input on those programs, and on the best use of Title 1 funds, is not only desired; it is required as part of the Title 1 grant.  Please plan to attend all Title 1 meetings, and let us know if there is anything we can do to make those meetings better for you.

Finally, please contact me, or your school’s principal, if you have any questions about the Title 1 program.  Our contact information is on this web page.

We look forward to partnering with you during the coming school year.



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