Nancy N. Robb
    Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: 847-755-6610
    Email:  Nancy Robb



    Superintendent’s Cabinet


    Daniel E. Cates
    Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services/Superintendent-Elect
    Phone: 847-755-6626
    Email:  Daniel Cates


    David S. Torres
    Associate Superintendent for Business
    Phone: 847-755-6612
    Email:  David Torres


    Theresa L. Busch
    Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
    Phone: 847-755-6616
    Email:  Theresa Busch


    Samantha J. Dolen
    Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
    Phone: 847-755-6614
    Email:  Samantha Dolen


    Kathe E. Lingl
    Assistant to the Superintendent/Assistant
    for Human Resources
    Phone: 847-755-6620
    Email:  Kathe Lingl


    Thomas D. Petersen
    Director of Community Relations
    Phone: 847-755-6631
    Email:  Thomas Petersen


    Eric P. Wenckowski
    Director of Human Resources
    Phone: 847-755-6618
    Email:  Eric Wenckowski


    Karen B. McGloon
    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
    Phone: 847-755-6611
    Email:  Karen McGloon





    Charles M. Chamberlain
    Director of Summer School, Evening Programs, and Continuing Education
    Phone: 847-755-6725
    Email:  Chuck Chamberlain


    Dianne S. Cieslak
    Accounting Supervisor
    Phone: 847-755-6660
    Email:  Dianne Cieslak


    Steven M. East
    Director of Purchasing and Facilities
    Phone: 847-755-6650
    Email:  Steven East


    Renee J. Erickson
    Assistant Director of Special Education
    Phone: 847-755-6637
    Email:  Renee Erickson


    Augustino Fontanetta
    Director of Athletics and  Activities 
    Phone: 847-755-6770
    Email:  Augie Fontanetta


    Raymond J. Gawron
    Director of Transportation and Driver Education
    Phone: 847-755-6798
    Email:  Raymond Gawron


    Danielle L. Hauser
    Director of Instructional Improvement
    Phone: 847-755-6628
    Email:  Danielle Hauser


    Lauren C. Hummel
    Director of Food Service
    Phone: 847-755-6680
    Email:  Lauren Hummel


    Christopher J. Kontney
    Director of Business Services
    Phone: 847-755-6648
    Email:  Christopher Kontney


    Mary Pat Krones
    Assistant Director of Special Education
    Phone: 847-755-6639
    Email:  Mary Pat Krones


    Sheldon Luo
    Chief Information Officer
    Phone: 847-755-6705
    Email:  Sheldon Luo


    Julie C. Nowak
    Director of Special Education
    Phone: 847-755-6835
    Email:  Julie Nowak


    Anita Seaholm
    Personnel Assistant
    Phone: 847-755-6718
    Email:   Anita Seaholm


    Lynn P. Swanson
    Director of Educational Technology
    Phone: 847-755-6750
    Email:   Lynn Swanson


    Reece C. Thome
    Energy Manager
    Phone: 847-755-6732
    Email:  Reece Thome


    Amy Friel
    District 211 Academy-South Program Administrator
    Phone: 847-755-6640
    Email:  Amy Friel


    Francesca Anderson
    District 211 Academy-North Program Administrator
    Phone: 847-755-6840
    Email:  Francesca Anderson


    1750 South Roselle Road
    Palatine, Illinois 60067